Smokehouse Information

Wherever possible, we are committed to sourcing locally.  We have such an abundance of fantastic sustainable produce in the area that we believe this, should be showcased and acknowledged.  By mutual support of local producers we believe that we assist the local economy and it provides you, the customer, with a more diverse range of fresh quality goods on your doorstep.  We are proud to say 'Sourced in Scotland...Made in Scotland.'

We are passionate about the smoking process and the products we produce.  Everybody starts somewhere however, and it is definitely a hobby turned business for us.   We are always happy to chat about what we do and how things are prepared, and with the smokehouse viewing window, hopefully you may see a bit of what is going on.  If you are keen to try things at home we would be happy to give you some pointers.

We are committed to providing as much information as possible to our customers – so if there is something you want to know, just ask!


Smokehouse Statement on our Game

All of the wild game sold in the smokehouse has been locally sourced from the Estates of Kinrosshire and Perthshire and we do make full use of the seasonal produce available to us.

All of our game is checked at the production facility and fully inspected by us upon receipt at the smokehouse.  We cannot however fully preclude the possibility of small fragments of bone or shot within our seasonal wild produce.  Should you be unlucky enough to encounter this, please return the produce to the shop for a full replacement.



Allergy Information

Allergy advice for use by our customers is displayed on our product packaging and in the smokehouse shop.  In accordance with current legislation, the main allergens are identified in BOLD lettering. 

A list of ingredients used in all of our products is also on display.  If further information is required in relation to any of our produce, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pricing Policy

We would like to think that our product pricing and market policy at Loch Levens Smokehouse is reflective of the wonderful industry we represent, and we consistently strive to offer the highest quality and value to our customers.

One of the most common questions we get asked is 'Why do things like smoked salmon seem expensive'?.  Well, with a comparatively labour intensive process involving filleting, salting, curing, smoking, pin-boning, hand carving and packaging, fundamentally, it can take several days to produce for you.

In addition, smoked salmon is essentially raw cured fish.  In order to make this safe for you to eat, moisture is removed in the process.  This is at least 20% of the weight of the fish.  So for every Kilogram of salmon we buy in, we lose at least 200g  - and thats before trimming and slicing!. 

We do hope however that you easily 'taste' the benefit from the added attention cottage industry smoking provides.