About Us

Having experimented with food curing and smoking for many years, the Loch Leven Smokehouse is the realisation of a long term ambition.  While the smokehouse equipment is perhaps a little more refined these days, the fundamental processes used at the smokehouse have not changed.  The various cures and oakwood smoke are married to the produce, imparting their unique qualities and enhancing the flavour experience.

We are committed to the use of locally sourced produce wherever possible and we have forged our producer / supplier relationships on this basis.  There is a magnificent and diverse array of excellent produce in the region and of course, around our coastlines.  Our salmon and trout are sustainably sourced from fisheries on the West Coast of Scotland, renowned for their quality, and our seasonal game is derived from the estates of Perthshire, Kinrosshire and Fife.

The food smoking and curing process is undoubtedly an art. It takes time for the smoke to do its 'magic' and to produce the distinctive flavours and textures the wood imparts. Our shop has a wide range of Scottish produce and delicacies for you to enjoy with all of our smoked products.  Locally produced, for every day, or that special occasion.